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Dive into the Mariana Trench to a depth of 11 km.

How it will be.

At first time the tourists were first offered to become participants in the expedition to the deepest point in the oceans. Three travelers will join the expedition to the seabed. of the Pacific Ocean — the Mariana Trench.

The journey called the Ring of Fire will last 8 days. Each dive in a submarine will take up to 14 hours. The first four hours will be needed for the descent, which is more than 11 kilometers. Aproximetly the same time divers will on the sea bottom, where they will take part in the science researching and shooting of the deep surroundings.

The expedition will start in June 2020 from Guam, Agat village. Mission members will sail aboard the DSSV Pressure Drop research vessel. One day of the expedition will take to get to the place of immersion. Then a special bathyscaphe Caladan Oceanic will be lowered into the water, which has successfully passed pressure tests and has already plunged five times to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. This deep-sea vehicle is the only boat in history capable of making multiple dives in the ocean. It is on it that travelers will go to the main goal of the expedition.

Experts say that the space in the bathyscaphe is protected by a titanium sphere 90 mm thick, and all those inside will not experience any physical sensations due to pressure changes. Representatives of EYOS Expeditions added, in the apparatus, two comfortable chairs, three viewing windows and high-quality cameras with surround sound. Tourists will get special instruction and after that will take dives in turn. Before and after the journey to the seabed, they will do some work along with the rest of the expedition team. In addition, travelers will become participants in the film`s shooting, will be able to visit the gym or have a good time in the bar.

How much it will cost to participate in the expedition has not yet been announced. According to some estimates — at least 100 thousand dollars.

At the moment, only seven people on the planet can boast a trip to the deepest point, one of which is Hollywood director James Cameron. “Currently, more people have visited the moon than at the bottom of the ocean,” the expedition organizers say.

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