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  • Chef Arnaud Donckele
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Cheval Blanc Paris

Paris, France

Opening 2020

Under the Pont-Neuf flows the Seine. In the heart of the City of Light, a few steps away from the Louvre and the Marais, in front of the Left Bank, rises Cheval Blanc Paris with majesty. Genuine. Living. Bustling. The Paris of Parisians awakens in the heart of the city. From one page of history to the next, from Notre-Dame to the Louvre. From the lively alleys of the Marais to the unmissable “bouquinistes”, traditional outdoor booksellers along the banks of the Seine. Facing the Left Bank and the legendary addresses of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Cheval Blanc Paris invites to an A five-minute walk away from the Louvre Museum, from its classic colonnades to the famous glass pyramid by Ieoh Ming Pei, Cheval Blanc Paris invites to discover the iconic collections of the former royal palace. From ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilisations to the most renowned Western masterpieces, each visit reveals a new facet, a new vision, a new spirit. authentic Parisian journey.

From the balconies, the Île de la Cité appears. Grand, radiant. A few steps away, the Conciergerie emerges majestically, the Place Dauphine invites to a bucolic halt under the shade of chestnut trees, the Notre-Dame cathedral tells the story of Paris. Confidential workshops and designer boutiques, bustling restaurants and sparkling bars, tiny verdant squares and majestic mansions carved in white and ochre stone... The cobbled lanes of the Marais conceal a myriad of hidden doors, romantic nooks and crannies, festive rendez-vous. An immersion into the heart of Parisian history.

Facing Rivoli Street, La Samaritaine writes a new chapter in the history of the famous department store. A bold history, deeply rooted in modernity. A department store open on the neighbourhood and the city, where fashion, lifestyle and gastronomy embody the famous Parisian casual chic. An effervescent address that reflects the spirit and magic of the capital. A must-see destination for travellers, an unmissable rendez-vous for Parisians.


Cheval Blanc Paris is located at the heart of historic Paris. You can get here by plane: 1 hour from Roissy — Charles de Gaulle airport; 45 minutes from Orly airport. By car: 15 minutes by car from the train stations. Or by helicopter: the heliport of Issy-les-Moulineaux is located 30 minutes by car from the Maison.

Room Categories


Art & Design

A wealth of textures, shapes and fabrics. A kaleidoscope of golds and colours. A collection of works of art, bespoke pieces and curiosities found here and there. The spirit of Cheval Blanc Paris, interpreted by architect Peter Marino. Designed by Henri Sauvage in 1928, this masterpiece of Art Déco rises again today thanks to the dedication and passion of exceptional craftsmen, marble workers, gilders, iron workers and other masters’ hands with forgotten skills, orchestrated by architect Edouard François. As a figurehead of the emblematic building of La Samaritaine, like a window opening onto the Seine, Cheval Blanc Paris writes a new page in the history of Paris and Parisians. Like a Parisian residence, an exceptional home.

Architect Peter Marino imagined Cheval Blanc Paris in the spirit of a private apartment. Each piece of furniture has been specially designed, each object specifically chosen, each detail thoroughly thought through with boldness and elegance. A delicate harmony under the sign of art, where the paintings of Vik Muniz and Sonia Delaunay come together with the pieces of Philippe Anthonioz and the Lalanne couple. Modernist treasures and contemporary avant-garde, creativity comes into play.

With only 72 rooms and suites, Cheval Blanc Paris is a confidential haven where lovers, families and friends meet. Seize the day overlooking the scenic panorama, bite in a warm croissant just out of the oven, sink into the foam of a delicately scented bath, capture the soul of Paris from your winter garden.

Precious fabrics with shimmering glints, graphic prints created by exceptional craftsmen, marble veined with honey and ebony... A vibrant tribute to the artists and craftsmen who create Cheval Blanc, each room is staged with creativity. A residential spirit, a contemporary vision. Generous and contemplative, volumes sprawls elegantly. An invitation to idle in the cocoon of the room, here and there, sheltered from the Parisian effervescence. A meditative hideaway to write a new chapter of life with oneself, with a loved one or with a fond family.

More than just an address, more than just a destination. Cheval Blanc Paris cultivates a bold and epicurean spirit. A character which ignites the senses, holds time and creates enduring memories. Here, a voluptuous haven where to indulge in kindness and sensoriality. There, a gourmet terrace overlooking the Parisian panorama. To vibrant desires, to sparkles of life, to authentic Parisians only. Rhythmed by the glimmers of the Seine, Cheval Blanc Paris invites foodies and gastronomes to culinary discoveries. An energetic breakfast, an afternoon ode to delicacies, a gastronomic flight in the glow of the sunset. To each instant, its own epicurean moment. At the heart of the Maison, a precious haven unveils the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc and its invitations to happiness. Wellness, relaxation, harmony. A collection of sweet moments to indulge in with indolence or to share with a loved one.

Wellness & Relaxation

At the bustling heart of the city, halt, breathe and unwind in the hushed cocoon of the spa. For a moment or for a day. Surrender to bright joy, pure bliss and sensory pleasure. Indulge in a realm of beauty in complete confidence and serenity. A few steps away from the Seine, a haven of kindness and generosity, a journey to a world of well-being and relaxation. Here, the spaces blend together as sources of energy and tranquillity. A sauna, a hammam and a majestic swimming pool waved with handcrafted mosaics by Michael Mayer. A poetic invitation to escape. Exceptional treatment suites, bespoke rituals dedicated to relaxation, floral baths of emotions... The Dior Spa Cheval Blanc celebrates the singularity of each guest. The art of gesture is crafted to the needs andignature Parisian desires of each personality, for an immediate and lasting metamorphosis — a sensorial ode to happiness. Chic amenities, the iconic fragrance imagined by François Demachy for Cheval Blanc

Le Carrousel

To the friends that turned into family, to the dreams that turned into reality. The secret streets, majestic avenues and countryside escapes are calling... An enchanted kingdom to explore, a world of softness specially imagined for the little guests of the Maison. Le Carrousel stages discoveries of the wonders of Nature and Parisian odysseys for budding adventurers, under the watchful eyes of the dedicated Ambassadeurs. The Maison’s Alchemists are always on-hand to design memorable experiences to gather the young and young-at-heart. Treasure hunts, guided tours, discovery workshops, the Maison unveils a myriad of thrilling experiences conceived for families rambling around Paris.


Quintessential taste

First half 2020: a gourmet experience awaits diners at the new Cheval Blanc Paris, with Arnaud Donckele at the helm. The three-star MICHELIN chef, who has also earned the accolade of a 19/20 rating in the Gault Millau guide, is currently in charge of La Vague d’Or restaurant, one of the gastronomic features of Cheval Blanc St-Tropez, which he will continue to command throughout the summer season. This enduring continued partnership and the focus on the sheer skill of his creations are a perfect illustration of the aesthetic values promoted by Cheval Blanc.

Authentic taste

Originally from Normandy, Arnaud Donckele has reinvented local, seasonal Mediterranean cuisine. How will Arnaud Donckele’s creativity contribute to the world of Parisian gastronomy? He is unquestionably one of the leading chefs who have turned gourmet cuisine into an art form, and every meal into a unique experience of lovingly arranged flavours, creating a palette of emotional experiences, soon to be discovered in Paris. For his craft, Arnaud’s imagination is aroused by both elective and selective affinities, developing close ties with dedicated local suppliers. He finds his inspiration on walks in the environs, for an approach rooted in authenticity, discernment and a free spirit.

Unique taste

Arnaud Donckele will be cooking all year round, as a chef for all seasons, which will be a major asset for him to develop his creativity in both establishments. He will naturally maintain his commitment to short, direct distribution circuits, which alone ensure outstanding quality produce. He will at the same time add his own unique contribution: a freshness that creates a surprising feast for the senses on every occasion. A dash of wit at least on a par with the mouthwatering flavours crafted by a truly united and dedicated team. Arnaud Donckele is devoted to local agriculture and there is no doubt that from season to season, he will celebrate and pay tribute to the French capital, to perfection.




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